It goes without saying that having a few dates in the diary fills me with immense excitement. I’ve been thinking set lists and warming up the vocal chords, playing through songs and realising that this, in a lot of ways, is like riding a bike. It’s what I do. It’s what I miss and when I don’t do it I don’t quite feel like I’m all there (some people would heartily agree with that).

That’s a big thing for me. With a year or so free to think about life I’ve perhaps asked the question more than ever, ‘Is this what I’m meant to be doing?’

A lot of people I know have come to a bit of a fork in the road, wondering what the next chapter in their life looks like. Maybe it’s because of this lockdown we’ve had more time to stop and think but whatever the reason, a lot of people are turning a page and most are unsure of what’s next. It’s not all mid-life crisis people either, there’s young people and old people, out of college or uni, just retired, all waiting to see what’s next and it can be one of the most unsettling places to be if you’re stuck there. It’s like reading a book that leaves you on a cliff hanger but you can’t find the next book anywhere and you’re left wondering what happens next.

It’s the world between worlds, the blank page between chapters, the pause between songs on an album, fine if you just keep moving through it but is you’re stuck there it can be like purgatory.

I’m excited to be getting back to it. It’s almost normal and yet, I don’t think it’ll be the same. Our experiences shape us and this past 15 month has certainly been an experience. As the page for the new chapter slowly (painfully slowly) starts to turn, I’m not planning, just dreaming. I have some songs and stories – we all have them. I’ll take mine on the road and I’ll hopefully hear yours while I’m doing it. It’ll be a new world, ours to make of it what we will.

Let’s make it good.

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