Last night I played a gig in a garden. After nearly a year since my last solo show I have to admit to being rather rusty but it was great to be singing for people and I think they enjoyed having some live music, at least that’s what most of them said afterwards! It was for my mate Andy who’d just turned forty. We’d planned it a while ago and thought about doing it on the Saturday but went for the Friday instead – Devine intervention as England are playing tonight!

At short notice I’d also been booked for a show at the Lighthorne Folk Club on Monday night making this weekend pretty busy, but this morning I had a message that, at even shorter notice, the gig had been cancelled because the pup needed to shut for ten days due to a Cover scare. That’s disappointing and although I wasn’t expecting to play until a couple of days ago, the cancelation is a bit of a knock.

When we were a couple of months into this lockdown business I said something like, “I’ve stopped making plans, I just dream now.” Plans seemed to be pretty fickle with everything that was going on and I guess that’s still the case. It takes a while to learn though, I’ve started making plans for the tour and for other events, hoping they’ll come together but I guess we still can’t be sure. I wrote a song once called Hold Lightly. You can hear it here.

It’s not wrong to plan. Plans are important. But vision, dreams are so much more. They’re the root, the seed where all of our achievement and fulfilment spring from. Plans are just a small part of the journey, they can fail, change, succeed, just like circumstance or the stuff life throws at you. It says in the bible that God knows the plans He has for you. That can be over-used and turned into a ‘fridge-magnet-cliche’ but theres something to be said for the fact the bible says more about us dreaming or having vision that planning.

I do what I do because I have a dream (sounding like MLK!) that somehow the music and all the stuff that includes, will make some kind of difference. That might sound a bit vague but it’s sturdier than any plans I have right now, and I think it’s God given.

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