IKnow Youknow

(1999 – With Goldsmiths)

Goldsmiths were Rob Halligan, Danny White, Hugh Mattacola and Gavin Callard. Recorded at Appletree Studios in 1999 by Phil Goss.

The CrossRhythms reviewers gave it 7/10 and editor Tony Cummings had this to say…

Reviewed by Tony Cummings
Yep, they’re young. And ‘I Know You Know’, for all its rough edges, still exudes the freshness of youth. They also are clearly new to the ways of recording and needed an experienced producer to sort out the musical ideas that were good, from those that were merely adequate, and kick out the occasional naff bit (like the hardly adequate sax on ‘Nothing Without Love’ or the clichéd effect used on the lead vocal on ‘Paranoid’). But then with gigging around, getting your low budget recording put through the Cross Rhythms third degree, and seeking to get deeper into God’s transforming power, a band like Goldsmiths can go a long way, particularly when they can come up with the goods like the haunting mid tempo ‘Sunshine’ and the energetic rocker ‘History’. Yep, they’re young. Encourage them, buy their debut.
released October 10, 1999