2019 Download Only

And In His Presence was recorded as part of the Psalm project by Rob and Chris Hunt and used for the 2019 Psalm at Christmas tour. 


I’d been to visit my dad and was flying from New Jersey to Chicago. It had been a tense trip but being above the clouds kind of put things into perspective.

And in His presence the darkness flees.
Let all creation now bow the knee
To Him who is mighty,
And give Him the glory,
Glory to the King! (×2)

Hosanna in the highest!
Glory to the King!
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!
For ever.

2. And men and angels now join in song,
And come with gladness before His throne,
There’ll be no more sorrow
There’ll be no more pain
For this is His day! (×2)

©1989 Rob Halligan–Blatant Promotions