Over the years I’ve worked with various charities from those involved with the homeless and disadvantages or with vulnerable children. Since 2004 I’ve had a particularly close relationship with Global Care who partner with projects in over 15 countries, working with children in extreme need.

Global Care are a small charity that punch well above their weight. I’ve had the privilege to visit projects in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Lebanon and see first hand the huge difference Global Care make to the lives of some of the worlds most vulnerable children through education, practical care and emergency aid.
You can read about my trips by following the links bellow but please think about supporting Global Care either through sponsoring a child, partnering with a project or making a one off donation.

In Bangladesh I was interviewing a young girl at the orphanage. During our talk she was holding her side and was obviously in a lot of pain. I asked what the problem was and the translator told me she had appendicitis. I asked when she was going to the hospital and they told me they didn’t have the money to send her for the operation. It was £60
We were able to pay the money and the next morning her father came to thank us. The operation was a success – without it she would have died.

Out of this experience Global Care launched Children At Risk. You Can read the whole story  at https://www.globalcare.org/2018/04/parvins-story/

For just £3 per month to support Children At Risk visit: https://www.globalcare.org/project/children-at-risk/

Please visit www.globalcare.org.uk to find out how you can change the world one life at a time.

The Lebanon Adventure