2008 BP-RHCD006(a)

Dedicate was Goldsmiths’ last recording together and this single was released to raise money for Global Care, specifically for a project Halligan visited in Bangladesh in 2009.

In all over £4000 was raised through the single and subsequent concerts.

Additional tracks include remixes by Viv Callard of Big Fat River and Sunshine, both of which first appeared on Iknow Youknow.

Track List:

  1. Dedicate
  2. Big Fat River (Phat Mix)
  3. Sunshine (Boy Band Mix)

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CrossRhythms Review


Reviewed by Simon Carpenter

An excellent single for a worthy cause by one of the best as yet unsigned musicians around. Rob Halligan, highly rated by Paul Gambaccini, Ben Okafor, Randy Stonehill and Cross Rhythms, has released this single as part of the B:08 project, raising awareness and support for the Horintana Orphanage and pre-school in Bangladesh run by Coventry charity Global Care. Rob, the Birmingham Unsigned Award Winner in 2005, has here produced three strong, well crafted tracks. This means that there are three big reasons to buy this CD: buy it because it is in aid of a good cause, or buy it to encourage a gifted Christian musician or buy it because it is an excellent product!

Today I lay me down at the foot of the tree.
Today I pray the crimson flood to fall on me and set me free.
Today I raise my glass in honour of You.
Today I break the bread and drink the cup
That makes me whole in You.

I dedicate this song, this meal, this life
To Him who made it.
I dedicate my time, my minutes, moments, hours, todays
I dedicate it all to You!

To live, to breathe for You is my heart’s desire.
To run, to walk in truth and live a life that burns with fire for you.
Today I raise my glass in honour of you.
Today I break the bread and drink the cup
That makes me whole in You.

© 2000 Rob Halligan-Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd.