2017 BP-RHCD015

Rob teamed up with old friend Chris Hunt to record One Day at the Pigsty Studios in Northants. As the title suggests, the album was recorded in one day with each song being recorded in one take with just Rob and a guitar.

The album includes some covers that regularly appear in Rob’s life set including Mike Scotts Bring Em All In and Dougi MacLeans’ Ready For The Storm.


Rob Halligan – Vocals and Guitar

CrossRhythms Review


Reviewed by Andy Shaw

A 2017 release, which missed our attention until now, this album shows the Midlands-based singer/songwriter rising to the challenge of recording, as the title suggests, a batch of songs in one day. Recording a stripped-down album with just vocals and acoustic guitar is always a risky business, but such is the passion of Rob’s performances that this is an album which holds your attention even if you are familiar with his full band versions of many of these songs. A good acoustic album requires strong songwriting, both lyrically and in the structure of the songs, and Rob Halligan continues to prove his ability to write that is both catchy and captivating. The opener is Rob’s much-loved cover of the Mike Scott gem “Bring Em All In” and that’s followed by some delicate finger-picked guitar on “Hold You Tonight”. Rob has mastered the art of storytelling in his lyrics and uses those stories to share truths about God. “Hold Lightly” talks about putting your trust in God and holding tightly to Him and that message of hope is carried through in “Broken Things” talking of how God takes our brokenness and makes it new.