2019 RH-CD017

The Psalm project was a new venture for Halligan. Having written songs for the church over the years, Psalm was the first time these songs had been recorded for a specific project. The Project itself was launched at Coventry Cathedral in March 2019 and was the first in the ongoing Psalm Event. Halligan describes it as an exploration of honest worship and alongside upbeat tunes are some serious laments. 

All but one of the songs are based on Psalms. Where Were The Angels was written after the Bishop Of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth ask Rob to write a lament about knife crime. The launch event coincided with the ‘Knife Angel’ statue being temporarily installed at Coventry Cathedral. 

It was recorded at the Pigsty Recording Studio in Northants by Chris Hunt. 


Rob Halligan – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Hunt – Bass, Electric Guitars, Programming


CrossRhythms Review


Reviewed by Stephen Luff

Coventry-based singer/songwriter Rob states in the accompanying book to this album, “Our challenge is to discover the honesty and depth that is demonstrated in the Psalms.” Here he addresses this is in an insightful way in both the paring of eight songs and the accompanying book. In the latter he describes a dark time in his life where elements of his faith seemed to die and instead he had some of his most honest, questioning and straight conversations with God. The album combines skilfully honest lyrics with outstanding musicianship. “Where Were The Angels” was commissioned by Christopher Cocksworth, the Bishop of Coventry, as a lament to knife crime – it is an incredibly powerful electric guitar-driven blues song of desperation that does not weaken on repeated plays. Throughout, Rob’s voice, with elements of Springsteen passion, delivers the emotion required while his guitar screams lament on tracks like “Arise My Soul” (Psalm 42) and praise “All In The Temple”. The book also provides thought provoking comments from not only Rob but numerous people from different walks of life, alongside the lyrics of all but the two bonus tracks on the collection. This is an engaging listen on all fronts and a challenge to us all.