Stand Together

2005 BP-PFCCD005

Playing Change was a response to the 2004 Tsunami. Rob teamed up with Paul Johnson of J10 Studios to record Halligan’s song, Stand Together to raise money for the emergency appeal following the disaster.

Around 50 artists converged on the studio which was based in an old store on the A45 just outside Coventry. The BBC ran a story on the recording and the resulting single made the UK independent charts despite only being sold through one HMV outlet.

Together with a Coventry “Live Aid” at the Coliseum in Coventry, Playing For Change raised around £9,000 for the DEC and a further £4500 for local charity Global Care.

Track Listing

  1. Stand Together
  2. From Coventry With Love
  3. The Birds Are Still Singing

Written by Rob Halligan
Produced by Paul Johnson and Rob Halligan
Musicians and Singers: Hugh Mattacola, Lowdrive (Steve), Vacant Fear Centre, Resound (Blake, Martin and Like), Blameless (Dan Long), Big Bus Groovy (Jo & Fidell), Beneva (Nathan Bennett & Malc Evans), Mark Kennedy, Stu Hodson, Spotlight Kid, Four Kings (Dave), Dave Saunders, Olivia, Lucy Ann Sale, Chrissie Gallacher, Matt Fisher, Mawda (Dan) Satin Dolls, Acre Skye, The Sequins, Fine Line (Danny and Stig), The Way, Kirsty Logan, Ton Nesnith, Ruth Miller, Suzzette Farrelly   

Cross Rhythms Review


Reviewed by Daniel Hames

Coventry singer/songwriter Rob Halligan got together with friends from local bands to record this single in aid of the victims of the South East Asian tsunami. The single raised £3,000 for the DEC and hit number 30 in the UK indie charts back in February. It’s a good start! The single is a solid song, and the b-side “The Birds Are Still Singing” has a pleasant Beatles-like feel. It’s good to see a Christian muso making high-profile efforts to show love to our neighbours who are substantially worse off than we are.