It goes without saying that having a few dates in the diary fills me with immense excitement. I’ve been thinking set lists and warming up the vocal chords, playing through songs and realising that this, in a lot of ways, is like riding a bike. It’s what I do. It’sContinue Reading

Well, we’re a week into 2021. I’ve held off doing a New Year blog post until now to give myself time to gather some thoughts and look ahead. Just when I think I’ve got something to write the news throws up some new twist or angle to life and IContinue Reading

Ten years ago I wrote a song called Thinking Of You.  “There comes a time to draw the line but I can’t stop thinking of you”: that was the hook. I had become fed up with being identified by what had happened to my dad. I remember feeling that I’d becomeContinue Reading

Here’s a new song that has, I guess, taken over 20 years to write. I’ve sang this live a few times (before lockdown) and it’s been one of those songs that people have singled out and commented on. Here’s how it came about. I hope you read this before scrollingContinue Reading

So here we are in March. With four inches of snow on the ground it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet but there’s loads going on, new stuff happening and it’s all quite exiting so without further ado… We All Write The Songs My new album is out on MarchContinue Reading

I’m sat here listening to Keith Green. I used to listen to Keith Green all the time, I knew the words to every song and I’d play the tapes in my truck all day as I made my deliveries to health food shops around the country. Listening takes me backContinue Reading

I think it was Billy Bragg who once said he had a toe in the Folk Club door. I remember sitting in my bedsit as a teenager listening to “Life’s a Riot with Spy vs Spy” thinking it must be cool to be a one man clash, to be ableContinue Reading

What can you do? You can comfort the heartbroken. You can hold the abandoned. You can be a shelter for the lost. You can be the peace in the confusion. You can be the start of healing You can be bigger than hatred You can love You can love YouContinue Reading

I often say that the one thing that changed my life, ‘converted me’ if you like, was people being Jesus to me rather than any preaching or teaching. If there was a song that really got me it was “Something To Believe In” by the Ramones. No hymns or chorusesContinue Reading