These past few months I’ve been working on a few different projects, trying a few things out, sketching some ideas. Some of those sketches seem to fit into the Psalm project and so I’ve started to collect them together in this new download only album called Psalm 2. It’s onlyContinue Reading

Well, the video to the song at least! In a year of glum news and dashed hopes, there’s still a bit of light to shine. Thanks to everyone who sent in their clips for this video, for the dressers up and the raisers of glasses. Thanks to the players, dancersContinue Reading

In a couple of weeks my Christmas Single, “Christmas Time” will be here. I’m making a video and I need your help! It’s all about making people smile during what I looking like being a bit of a different Christmas for most of us. So I need your 10 secondContinue Reading

This was my dads’ favourite song of mine, recorded on the album IknowYouknow back in 1999. I’ve re-recorded it with my good friend Andreas Anderson on soprano sax. Hope you like this new version. Sunshine by Rob HalliganContinue Reading

It’s kind of like a webinar but it’s, well, it’s me. And I really hope you can join me on 31st July for a Zoom call, chat, gig thing where I’ll be going through the whole of my new album, including new tracks that haven’t been recorded yet. It’ll beContinue Reading

Here’s a new song that has, I guess, taken over 20 years to write. I’ve sang this live a few times (before lockdown) and it’s been one of those songs that people have singled out and commented on. Here’s how it came about. I hope you read this before scrollingContinue Reading

And so the latest song here! And this is a bit of fun I think. You can download it for free or pay as much as you can afford. Here’s the link. You Never Can Tell by Rob Halligan Projects and Bits!I’ve been busy writing and recording for the nextContinue Reading

Hi AllSo, first things first. I really do hope you are well and safe. Some folks are getting on  with life as best they can, for some it’s hard going and there aren’t too many answers. But hopefully, the music that’s being posted online and some of the online communitiesContinue Reading

Hi People! Well, this is weird isn’t it. All our plans for the next few months are scuppered. Not that I’m ever over-organised, now I’m even less so. Still, as someone who sings for his supperI like to think I, and many of my musician friends, provide an essential service andContinue Reading