These past few months I’ve been working on a few different projects, trying a few things out, sketching some ideas. Some of those sketches seem to fit into the Psalm project and so I’ve started to collect them together in this new download only album called Psalm 2. It’s onlyContinue Reading

And so the latest song here! And this is a bit of fun I think. You can download it for free or pay as much as you can afford. Here’s the link. You Never Can Tell by Rob Halligan Projects and Bits!I’ve been busy writing and recording for the nextContinue Reading

Hi AllSo, first things first. I really do hope you are well and safe. Some folks are getting on  with life as best they can, for some it’s hard going and there aren’t too many answers. But hopefully, the music that’s being posted online and some of the online communitiesContinue Reading

My latest song is up and ready for downloading. The second song from the forthcoming album, Always Heading Home is now available and has already had BBC radio play and a nice little review Nothing Good Is Wasted by Rob Halligan You can read a review of the song hereContinue Reading

I was really honoured to be asked by Cafe Musica to supply vocals for a track on their new EP, Island Boys. I’m Not An Angel was originally an After The Fire track and so to finally record it with Pete and James was great. You can listen and downloadContinue Reading

HMV Coventry have Rob’s latest album, We All Write The Songs, in stock and on sale for £9.99. Head down to the shop on Smithford Way to get your copy. As part of HMV supporting local music, there’s the possibility that rob will play an in-store gig as well. WatchContinue Reading

Hi  This is the kind of email I don’t normally send and I need your help to spread the word! This Saturday 1st June at 3pm I’ll be with a band performing the songs from Psalm at Coventry Motofest. It’s going to be great, I’m really looking forward to it.Continue Reading

So what do you wish someone in that space between Christmas in the New Year? Happy days! Hope the festive season has been a good one so far and that whatever plans or dreams you have for 2019 turn out to be truly amazing. 2018 has been quite a journey.Continue Reading