2005 BP-RHCD005

The New York Session was recorded at Lampost Studios in 2004 by Al Chisare.

Al was a friend of Mike Rimmer, they met through Mikes’ radio show on CrossRhythms radio. Rob was going to New York to shoot a video for Streets Of this Town and Mike tagged along to write a feature for Cross Rhythms. When Al heard about the trip he invited the guys over to Lampost on Long Island to record something.

Due to time constraints they only had around 4 hours of recording time. Rob recorded 5 songs with Mike playing percussion. Al then spent the next few months calling on favours from musicians using the studio to lay tracks down onto Rob’s recordings. The New York Sessions EP was the result.

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Track List:

  1. Jesus To the World
  2. Singing Myself To Sleep
  3. All We Need Is Love
  4. Something To Die For
  5. In The Light

Rob Halligan – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Gary Grob – Bass
Richard J Rosche – Drums (Jesus To the World)
Donald C Hatcher – Organ and Choir arrangement (Jesus To the World)
Gary Sellers – Lead guitar
Janice Irolla – Backing vox
Venlo Odem – Drums (In The Light, Singing Myself To Sleep, All We Need)
Mike Rimmer: Congas and Bongos
Al Chisare – Percusion and Production
Choir – Jo-AnnWilson, Ron Jennings, Barbara McDougald, Sarah Ann Tolliver, Cynthia Tolliver and the New Hope Church Choir

CrossRhythms Review


Reviewed by Trevor Kirk

I recall vividly the events of 9/11; I was live on UCB Europe and sat bemused in front of the studio TV monitor, thinking that I was watching events being staged on a film set for a disaster movie. It’s impossible for me to imagine how I would have felt had I been personally involved, as was Rob Halligan – his father was one of the many killed on that fateful day. Rob’s latest recording ‘The New York Sessions’ came about almost by accident. Rob was in The Big Apple shooting a music video, and a local producer who’d been corresponding with a pal of Rob’s via the web offered him the use of his studio, and roped in some excellent local sessioners to help cut the five tracks. Underpinned by good guitar work, the conga skills of Mike Rimmer and embellished by Rob’s gritty vocals, this is a drop of good stuff, all five tracks are in-your-face and punch their message home. Rob is one of the most gifted unsigned singer/songwriters on the scene and these finely crafted songs of life and redemption are powerful stuff.