2010 BP-RHCD010

Rob’s second trip to the foundry was in the wake of his trip to Bangladesh with Global Care. The album has some of the nmarks of the ‘difficult second album’. There were no radio singles taken from this album but “See The Beauty” gained a lot of praise and was picked up by various organisations as a rallying song, including Global Care, Tearfund, Toybox and Agape India.

Meet Me was another song that gained interest, particularly in the USA.


Rob Halligan – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Graeme Duffin – Electric guitar, Backing Vocals
Sandy Jones – Bass, Programming

CrossRhythms Review


Reviewed by Peter Timmis

For seven years Midlands-based Halligan has been independently releasing his beautifully crafted music to much acclaim – 2009’s ‘The Best Thing That’s Happened’ was nominated Best Contemporary Album at last year’s CBC Media Awards. ‘The Peril, The Grace And The Way’ follows a similar formula to previous releases: rich melodies and captivating hope filled lyrics expertly played and soulfully sung with just the right amount of grit. Stylistically, the album ranges from the grooving rock of “A Dangerous Thing” and “Let It Go” to the tender love song “Across The Miles”. Other highlights are the delicious acoustic stomp of “Rain Came Down” (“This house ain’t built from a pile of sand and I’m safe within my saviour’s hands”) and a stripped back cover of Steve Earle’s powerful “Jerusalem” featuring Rob backed by just his electric guitar a la Billy Bragg. ‘The Peril. . .’ is an engaging album full of depth and to paraphrase Rob on “See The Beauty”, he is a diamond in the rough.