Wild Horses

2016 BP-RHCD014

Recorded at the Foundry Music Lab during 2016, Wild Horses is Rob’s 6th full studio solo album and his 5th with the Jones/Duffin production team. 

Hi-lights of the recording are The Boots I Never Wore which featured on BBC1 and Radio 2 and the ‘Christmas’ song Hosanna which features Nikita Halligan and Genevieve Guille on vocals.

The album launch took place on 21st January 2017 at the Standard Triumph Club in Coventry with support act Ashton Lane. Pete Banks, Tim Turner and Jon Pagden from ATF also played a guest spot. LAUNCH GIG REVIEW

Radio Plus Interview


Rob Halligan – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano
Graeme Duffin – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Backing Vox
Sandy Jones – Bass, Programming
Nikita Halligan – Backing Vocals 
Genevieve Guille – Backing Vocals

Cross Rhythms Review


Reviewed by Ian Whitwood

One of UK Christian music’s most experienced singer/songwriters, the Coventry-based Halligan here offers a stimulating and thought-provoking set with more than a bit of Americana about it. “Caught Up” begins philosophically, “Sometimes there are no easy answers/Sometimes the questions feel/Like canyons in my mind.” “I Ain’t Dead Yet” and the title track are more autobiographical. “Hosanna” describes key moments in the Gospel narrative, “No castle walls or palace halls/Just starlight shining down” and “As he rode in they hailed their King/And sang as he passed by” with the song reaching a crescendo as the choir sings the chorus, “Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna again” with passion making this a truly standout track. On the song “The Boots I Never Wore” Rob sings, “Lead me down the road you had to take/When they took your freedom away,” reflecting his social conscience and empathy for the Syrian refugees and the Global Care charity. The final track, “This Is Our God” underlines and establishes Rob’s gospel credentials, “This is our God who loved the world so much/ He sent His only son.” A well balanced album showcasing Rob’s singing and songwriting talents skilfully produced by the always consistent Graeme Duffin.